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Cycling, the 2nd

As a person who tries to respect the rights of others, I try to be consistent with that attitude though sometimes had a little break as long as permitted by the right owner 🙂 As well as when cycling this morning, I felt safe with me pedaling my bike in the lane.

Until now, in Jakarta was not yet provided a special lane for bicycles, so it is still biased to the so-called cycling track. Therefore, using the general rule that motorcycles, bicycles, even cars with low speed should drive in the left lane, so I ride my bike in the left lane. With a little maneuvering to take the pedestrian path, especially when the jam while there was no passing pedestrians.

Several times I’ve seen cyclists who rode in the busway lane, but I did not have enough courage to follow them because I cringe first heard the Transjakarta sound the horn. Besides, by taking the busway lane, I had violated the rights of Transjakarta bus users and put myself at high risk of accidents. Better and safer to ride on the left lane, anyway.

This morning, cycling 20 km to work only takes 60 minutes, 15 minutes faster than before. Could be due to leave early and take a different route: Matoa Golf – Kahfi 1 – Cilandak – Ampera – Kemang Timur – Pasar Warung Buncit – Mampang Prapatan – Kuningan Barat – Jamsostek Bridge – Patra Jasa. Try it, because cycling is refreshing.


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