Cycling, the 2nd

Mei 7, 2010 at 8:31 am Tinggalkan komentar

As a person who tries to respect the rights of others, I try to be consistent with that attitude though sometimes had a little break as long as permitted by the right owner ūüôā As well as when cycling this morning, I felt safe with me pedaling my bike in the lane.

Until now, in Jakarta was not yet provided a special lane for bicycles, so it is still biased to the so-called cycling track. Therefore, using the general rule that motorcycles, bicycles, even cars with low speed should drive in the left lane, so I ride my bike in the left lane. With a little maneuvering to take the pedestrian path, especially when the jam while there was no passing pedestrians.

Several times I’ve seen cyclists who rode in the¬†busway lane, but I did not have enough courage to follow them because I cringe first heard the Transjakarta sound the horn. Besides, by taking the busway lane, I had violated the rights of Transjakarta bus users¬†and put myself at high risk of accidents. Better and safer to ride¬†on the¬†left lane, anyway.

This morning, cycling 20 km to work only takes 60 minutes, 15 minutes faster than before. Could be due to leave early and take a different route: Matoa Golf – Kahfi 1 –¬†Cilandak – Ampera – Kemang Timur – Pasar Warung Buncit – Mampang Prapatan – Kuningan Barat – Jamsostek Bridge¬†– Patra Jasa. Try it, because cycling is refreshing.


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